1. What is your contact info?  info at melissajean.net

  2. Are ceramic buttons machine washable? Yes with precaution.  Buttons that are smaller than about 1" can go through the wash if care is taken. Turn the garment inside out and place in a garment bag, wash on a gentle cycle.  Buttons that are larger than 1" should be protected with a little foil or bubble wrap, turn the garment inside out, place in a garment bag and wash on gentle cycle. Ceramic buttons should be air dried, do not place in a dryer.  Also, dry cleaning is not recommended with the buttons on. Remove ceramic buttons before sending a garment to the dry cleaner.

  3. Do you do custom work?
    Yes, a very small amount. If you have a project in mind email your concept to info at melissajean.net  I'll let you know if I can manage it.

  4. Can you mail free samples so I can match buttons to my project?

    Sorry, no.  If you mail me a knitted swatch or fabric swatch and tell me what button you are interested in I can match a color to your sample and send you pictures of my suggestions for you to choose from.  I can even suggest a custom color, but will need 3-4 weeks to make the buttons.
    Mail to:
    Melissa Jean Design
    3240 Sevier Road
    Marcellus, NY 13108

  5. How do I make a change to my order?
    Please email me at info@melissajean.net with details of the change you’d like to make. Please include your full name and address, and your order number if you have it.
  6. I'd like to sell your buttons in my shop. Do you wholesale?
    Melissa Jean Design wholesales to a select group of shops. Please fill out our wholesale inquiry form and we can send more information to you.